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       In an interview with reporters of Vietnam's economy, Mr. Kohei Kataka, consultant of the Center for Promotion of trade, investment and tourism ASEAN - Japan (AJC) stressed: "Vietnam wants to boost business export handicraft products (handicrafts) to the Japanese market, the quality criteria to be placed on top. "
      Japan is considered a potential market of Vietnam handicrafts sector exports but also modest. According to him, what is the cause of this problem?
      I think one of the reasons why Vietnam restaurant in Japan is not so much the standard of Japanese consumer goods is very high. Quality handicrafts of Vietnam is not good but can not due to differences in the consumption of cultural goods, the history of Japan that Vietnamese enterprises not grasp.
      The control of product quality handicrafts are difficult and unsatisfactory. Consistency of high quality products, quality left side, right side of the product is not the same. Designs, colors, textures and unsuitable products ....
      Vietnamese handicrafts So now how to approach further the Japanese market?
      Actually the enterprises to boost exports to the Japanese market is not too difficult, has now successfully exporting handicrafts products in Japan.
      I think the market survey should be more investment, which is now Vietnam to learn more about consumer tastes of Japan to produce the appropriate items. Note design product design, the Vietnam handicrafts export goods to the Japanese market will be easier.
      Can you give more detail?
      Japanese nation itself has many villages producing handicrafts, handicrafts goods so of Vietnam to Japan to face the competition. Consumers will have to consider the origin of the product. But when the transmission is characteristic, culture of Vietnam, while satisfying style, consistent with the attitude of Japan, it is possible to compete.
      In particular, Japanese consumers are demanding, requiring a very high quality product. For example, with embroidery, hand, right to the same beautiful and carefully, ensuring lasting quality. With fashion items, fabric to use these chemicals environmentally friendly, non-fading. When the use of dyed fabric craft capable of fading can be used together with the guide.
      In addition, enterprises should build, develop brand recognition is creating and manufacturing products according to customers' needs, not mass produced in large quantities.
      Reportedly, AJC is supporting Vietnamese enterprises develop the design and pave the way into the Japanese market. Can you tell us about this program?
      AJC is working with the Department of Trade Promotion, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam to support Vietnamese enterprises won three beautiful designs of Japan in 2014.
      Specifically, May 6/2015, the award now agreed to cooperate will be the AJC experts to support design samples. These products form satisfactory to May 10/2015 will be published in the daily exhibition of handicrafts products in Japan and Development Institute aided design promotion.
      By May 2/2016, enterprise products will be invited to attend the Fair Tokyo Gift Show and implementing Internatinal sales.