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  • Rice exports decline

      Rice exports decline

      According to Phan Xuan Que, Chairman of the Board of Members of the Northern Food Corporation, formerly Vietnam if the competitors in rice exporter Thailand, Pakistan, India, the US, then in time Recently there Myanmar and Cambodia. The business environment in which food is also not favorable as before.
      The information given in the Programme Highlights of Industry and Trade No. 3 Web portal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, with the theme: "Evolution and the key tasks of promoting agricultural exports consume seafood", has took place last weekend.
      Many major exports slump
      Share of agricultural exports in the early months of last year, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh said, in the last quarter 2015, exports (export turnover) agriculture has been declining due including (with over 10% reduction compared with the same period last year). This is considered unusual in comparison with the previous year which had a high growth rate in the first quarter.
      Explaining the causes of these abnormalities, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh said, fluctuations in quarterly 1/2015 of the world market with relatively special features. Accordingly, given the instability in the region both in terms of politics, religion, terrorism ..., has much less impact to the needs of the world.
      Another factor affecting the decline in the growth of agricultural products, seafood and some other items, were Deputy Minister Tran Tuan Anh made, so the competition is very fierce market instructions for this item. "Today, in the world market, the importer of the goods that are exported Vietnam as agricultural, fishery ... tends to begin adjusting the operating policies. Including import by several items, they strive to enhance the production capacity to reach out to minimize down import demand ", Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade said.
      Evidence on this issue, Deputy Minister Tran Tuan Anh said, for rice, Vietnam witnessed major importing countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines are very efforts to strengthen capacity for food production can balance the supply - demand. In addition, items such as fisheries also entangled in a number of protectionist policies in the form of new trade barriers, technical barriers in countries in Europe, America ...
      Deputy Minister Tran Tuan Anh also adds a further source is increasingly clear shape gradually, there is volatility in world markets with dollars growing up prices, affect demand in the market very important market for exports of Vietnam. Typically, such as the European market for fisheries products; Japanese market for fisheries products, fruit, including industrial products, consumer ...
      Rice exports are fiercely competitive
      Also related to the export market the staples of Vietnam in recent times, at the seminar on "Evolution and the key tasks of promoting agricultural exports consume seafood," said Phan Xuan Cinnamon, Chairman of the Board of Members of the Northern Food Corporation said, in the last years, due to unstable weather conditions, should facilitate the general agricultural commodities including rice are season.
      However, he also added cinnamon, previously we only competitor is exporting countries such as Thailand, Pakistan, India, the US, then in recent times Myanmar and Cambodia has become the country direct competition with Vietnam's rice and gradually dominate the market. At the same time, the importing country after the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009 also focused increased domestic production to ensure food security, to avoid dependence on exporting countries.
      "Previously, before 2010, the business environment is very favorable food, near as we can determine the market, sold to anyone, selling costs. However, at present, fully active buyers dominate the market and they have to import the policy with the most favorable conditions, the most attractive prices, increasing supply, "said Que sharing .
      Answering questions about the causes of the situation, the President of the Council of Members of the Northern Food Corporation said to happen on, in addition to objective factors are also the causes of the subjective, which is the weak link of the chain of participants from the production, processing, consumption and export. Also, in the organizational stage of production must also meet the market demand, in the processing of our products have not been rich, diverse, in line with the tastes of some water quality needs high and consumption with limited resources of the exporter.
      Provide solutions to resolve these difficulties, Deputy Tran Tuan Anh said, the current roles and responsibilities, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will organize a serious, full spiritual guidance of the the government continued macroeconomic stability, creating a favorable environment for production and business activities, export business.
      Along with that, continue to seek and expand markets for products, commodity economy. Especially through the integration framework that we are negotiating a positive way as TPP, the FTA with the EU Customs Union, etc ... "All the important content of the negotiations, are we balance prompt and calculates a practical way, to ensure the highest efficiency in the open market of the world ", Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade said.